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以下您會進行 40 題BULATS職場英文的自我檢測,包含【聽力】及【閱讀及文法/字彙】能力測驗。填充題的部分請以鍵盤打字輸入答案。完成 40 題測驗後,電腦螢幕上會顯示您答對的題數以及每題正確的答案喔!

Reading and Listening Sample Test

Below is a set of Reading and Listening questions to help you prepare for BULATS.You will find four types of task in the Reading section and a total of 34 questions, while in the Listening section there is one task with six questions. On completion of the test you will receive a score and then you will be able to check the correct answers.

  • 《Reading Part 1》
    ● Look at the following messages and notices.
    ● For Questions 1-7 mark ONE letter A, B or C on your answer sheet.

    1Effective immediately, all conference and meeting rooms must first be reserved online. This is to ensure the efficient use of the rooms and to enable staff to plan their time constructively.

    AThe company plans to introduce an online reservation system for meeting rooms.
    BIf you reserve a meeting room online you must make sure that you really use it.
    CFrom today you can only use a meeting room if you booked it online earlier.
  • 2Due to better than expected sales of heavy trucks in 2013, the sale of buses will follow from the second quarter of 2014. The company

    AWants to bring out a new product because of the sales of trucks in 2013.
    BThought it would have better sales of trucks in 2013.
    CWill change from selling trucks to selling buses in early 2014.
  • 3

    AXiao-Pei is asking Cheng-Yu to update the PowerPoint file before this evening.
    BXiao-Pei wants Cheng-Yu to send a file that she does not have.
    CXiao-Pei needs Cheng-Yu’s help with the presentation in the morning.
  • 4Oil prices fell more than 1.5 percent on Thursday as several European countries struggled to prop up ailing banks and avoid a banking collapse, reviving worries about the outlook for oil demand in Europe.

    AA drop in the oil price created a crisis in the banks of several European countries.
    BLower oil prices helped some European countries to avoid serious problems in their banks.
    CProblems in the European financial sector caused a change in the oil price.
  • 5USE OF COPY MACHINE NOTE: If you are copying from the glass, you must close the top cover for the machine to recognize page size.You need to close the cover so the machine

    ACan make good copies from the glass.
    BCan adjust the page size.
    CCan tell how big the page is.
  • 6Using promotion codes for online purchases Once you have added your items to the online basket and are ready to complete your purchase, you will see a ’use promotion voucher’ button at checkout. To redeem the offer just enter the promotion code into

    AYou should add your promotion code to the online basket to finish the purchase.
    BWhen you are ready to pay you need to click a button to see where to use the code.
    CAfter you place an order you cannot apply for more promotion codes.
  • 7

    AThere was a substantial increase in revenues from TV between 2007 and 2012.
    BIn the five-year period, gains were made in internet and radio.
    CFrom 2007 to 2012 newspapers experienced the greatest decline.
  • 《Reading Part 1.2》
    ● Choose the word which best completes each sentence.
    ● For Questions 1-6, mark ONE letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

    8 They were able to come …............ with a good idea to improve staff morale.

  • 9We …............ about changes to the contract.

  • 10At this price it is very good …............ for money.

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